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On becoming irresponsible and incompetent

Good employees are self-driven, not only do the job as contracted but take initiative to broaden their roles, undertake additional tasks and exhibit behaviours that ... Full story

‘Daddy, do you speak English or American?’

My son was born in Macau and will be three-years-old in June. He is growing up in a very mixed language environment! He speaks English ... Full story

Applying for a Job: The Five Laws

A necessary requirement to dive into the present job market (the doomsday party) is the written of our own Curriculum Vitae (“the road of life”) ... Full story

The realities within frames

A student showed me a cat photo that she has taken at the centre of the Abandoned Animals Protect Association of Macau. In the photo, ... Full story

Valuing University Exchanges

When I was studying engineering at Melbourne University in Australia in the late 70’s and early 80’s, student exchanges with other universities (where students took ... Full story

Internet Addiction/Abuse

According to a recent survey, 18% of the young generation (pre-teens and teens up to age 24) in Macau are addicted to internet surfing, totaling ... Full story

Is that a ‘crisp’ or a ‘chip’?!

What is the difference between ‘crisps’ and ‘chips’? I have had this discussion several times since moving to Macau! It may seem like an easy ... Full story

The Skills’ Gap: Ideas on how business might help educators

The development of a bridge between education and the business is taking on more and more importance. Jerome S Bruner, an influential educational psychologist, stated ... Full story

Father Schmid

Last year marked the 100 birth anniversary of a celebrated Austrian priest-musician who dedicated a great part of his life to Macau, Fr. Wilhelm Schmid, ... Full story

Orange Days

June is always an inscrutable month for most of the students who are graduating. In few weeks, graduates will be open to different possibilities. They ... Full story

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