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MDT Report: Tarantino next movie may be set in Macau

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Last night the Huading Awards gala dinner at the Venetian put together an unlikely group of the “best of” Hollywood’s movie stars: Jeremy Irons, Nicolas Cage and Quentin Tarantino among other names in the industry. They will be joined tonight at the awards ceremony by non-other than diva Nicole Kidman and Mathew Perry (Chandler from “Friends”).
Edward Tracy CEO of Sands China is the man behind the initiative:
“This event follows our strategy of putting the word out about what’s happening in Macau and Cotai, where we have been having world-quality entertainment, in order to offer Macau and the region with a mix of top non-gaming attractions.”
Bringing such celebrities to the city is a strategy that can result in the development of Macau as a scenario or background for Hollywood productions, and make it a meeting point for producers and artists in the huge China market.
Tarantino had a “nine month engagement with China” shooting his “Kill Bill” sequel. “That’s my tribute to China’s movie industry,” he said to the audience.
In a short interview with Macau Daily Times, Mr Tarantino suggested the possibility of Macau, and the Venetian, being the location of his next movie.
“I don’t know at all what will be my next project, but yes, Macau is a possibility.”
During last night’s dinner, Quentin was particularly focused on the Chinese folk show going on right in front of him at the Venetian’s ballroom stage: drummers, magicians, singers, dancers...
Before that, Mr Tracy told the Times that he and his team had had talks with the “Django Unchained” director about the possibilities of him setting his next movie at the Venetian and Cotai.
In a very open and straightforward manner, Tarantino told us, “I have no idea about what I’m going to do next. After “Dganjo”, I’m really exhausted.”
But how does this atmosphere appeal anyhow to your producer senses? “Definitely it does appeal!” he remarked.
Actor Nicolas Cage was probably the most sought after last night. Sitting at the center table with Quentin and Tracy, Mr Cage would eventually get up every time a group of photographers, Chinese actors or the occasional guest approached him for a brief chat and a picture together. The man with a ponytail is probably the most-viewed contemporary Hollywood artist in this part of the world with 14 of his movies shown in mainland China.
“I’m wearing this ponytail for my next character who is an worker who suffered an injury.”
At the stage, called upon by magician Louis Yan, Cage unfolded a bit of his actor/celebrity quality: “You know that’s not really my thing,” he said when the performer was tying himself up with solid cordon knots. He didn’t leave the stage without an answer to that joke when, at the end of the act, both went behind a velvet curtain: “Please don’t touch me,” teased the Chinese magician.
In the end the performer was wearing Cage’s black jacket and… still tied bottom up. The audience reveled.
I happen to have my moment with the “Face/Off” actor, when I was trying to short-interview him: “Don’t you see I’m having a conversation here?!,” he said with that look and voice I recognize from “Conair”. Sam Worthington (from Avatar), the person Cage was talking to, came to my rescue: “What’s your name, my friend?” (Shake hands), “Please come back in just 4 minutes, all right?”
All right. But the show must go on, and Nicolas was at the stage soon after with his peers laying their hands in blocks of concrete to mark the truly special occasion.
Before leaving the ballroom, we were able to chat with Sir Jeremy Irons. Irons starred in “Chinese Box” with Gong Li and Ruben Blades in a movie portraying the last days of colonial Hong Kong; it was June 1997. The movie dealt with the uncertainty of the handover, and so we asked him if that state of mind still has some meaning for him.
“Not really,” he said, adding that, “all I see [in Hong Kong] is pretty much the same, high rises and people making their lives, their money…”
He was in Macau for the first time 12 years ago to buy paintings. “The difference between then and now is that there are… so much more people !” 
To end the show with a bang, Nicolas Cage told the Venetian crowd:
“China will be the biggest cinema studio in the world.”
Cage was probably talking about the Qingdao studios project led by China’s richest man, as recently reported by The Economist.
Wang Jianlin, the boss of Dalian Wanda, a Chinese multinational that made its money in the property business, wants to be a media mogul. Mr Wang announced plans to build a 50 billion yuan (USD8.2 billion) entertainment complex. The massive project, dubbed the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, would include 20 film studios, cinemas, a theme park, hotels and a wax museum. If all goes to plan, it will be open by mid-2017.

Legendary producer to direct today’s Huading Awards show

The former Oscars and Super Bowl producer, Don Mischer, will oversee China’s Huading Awards taking place this evening at the Venetian.
Mr Mischer produced or directed three Academy Award shows, two Olympics opening ceremonies, several Super Bowl halftime shows and the Obama Inaugural Celebration in Washington, D.C., in 2009. Now he is in Macau, China with “some of Hollywood with him,” as The Economist put it.
Veteran live-show producer Don Mischer has signed on “to oversee the revamp of China’s Huading Awards, a vote-based show that honors top Chinese talent in athletics and entertainment.”
Established in 2007 by Beijing-based media company Global Talents Media Group, the Huading Awards are held several times throughout the year at various Chinese locations, feting stars in all fields. Mischer is directing the recording of the event in Macau, which celebrates talent from film, TV, dance and music. Mischer said in an interview to Wall Street Journal that he “plans to work with Global Talents to bring the Huading show to Los Angeles in May 2014.”

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