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‘Broken Tooth’ Koi to be released December 1st: PJ setting up taskforce to ‘welcome’ Wan

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Wan Kuok Koi, better known as ‘Broken Tooth Koi’, will be released on December 1st after serving a full prison term of 14 years and 7 months. The police will set up a taskforce to “welcome” the former triad boss amid a recent spate of violence related to the gaming junket business in which Koi was a “big brother” before he was sent to jail. 
“I’ll be out on December 1st,” Broken Tooth Koi told Macau Daily Times, “that’s after I served my full (prison) term.” Arrested in May 1998 and jailed the following year, Koi began his application for release on parole in 2008 after serving two thirds of his jail sentence, but his repeated attempts and appeals were all rejected by the court.
Asked about his plans after being released from the high-security prison in Coloane, he told MDT: “I suppose a player in this field” (in Cantonese ‘chut-lei-hang-ge’, which can mean either ‘as a member of the triad world’, or simply ‘as a person walking out there’), which ambiguously doesn’t reveal what he’s plann ing to do.
Asked more concretely if he would get back into the VIP junket business, he said in a determined manner, “you don’t need to ask this question”. Instead of, “I won’t answer”, he was obviously implying “the answer is already very clear”. 
Koi was a former boss of the city’s extremely profitable VIP junket business before going to jail. According to CasinoLeaks and other sources in Macau and Hong Kong, some of Koi’s followers and close associates are currently still very active figures in the business, even after Koi’s imprisonment; although Koi’s major rival, the Shui Fong gang, has now taken control of the most profitable VIP rooms.
Sources in the industry believe there is a high possibility that Koi will try to take back his turf after regaining his freedom, and the possible consequences have caused much alarm within the local security authorities and even in the international community after a recent bloody event related to gaming disputes prompted speculation that the world’s largest gaming enclave could roll back to the “Broken Tooth Koi era” when players resorted to street violence to resolve business conflicts.    
After trying with all their might to prevent the once-most-feared triad figure in the territory’s early release, Macau authorities are facing the truth of a “wrong time” release of the former junket boss when gaming revenue is falling and junket operators are competing more intensely for survival. A source close to the security authority told MDT that the police was setting up a special unit to watch Koi closely against any “possible trouble”.   
In response to MDT’s enquiries, the Judiciary Police (PJ) said, “the PJ has designated units and branches to study and follow up all kinds of unstable factors that might upset social security”.

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