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Offbeat: Francis Bacon’s brushes among oddities in auction

Art lovers who can’t afford a painting by Francis Bacon can bid on the late artist’s paintbrushes at an auction of unusual items.The eight brushes ... Full story

This day in history: 1958 Arthur Miller cleared of contempt

Washington’s Court of Appeals has quashed playwright Arthur Miller’s conviction for contempt of Congress after a two-year legal battle. In May last year, a judge ... Full story

Offbeat: UK lawmakers told not to rub statues’ toes

Parliamentary officials in Britain want lawmakers to keep their hands off Margaret Thatcher’s toes.Authorities are considering roping off statues of former prime ministers, including Thatcher ... Full story

This day in history - 1971: Sailor’s record ‘wrong way’ voyage

A British man has become the first to sail the world non-stop in the “wrong” direction - east to west - against the prevailing winds ... Full story

This day in history - 1987: Newspaper caught in Spycatcher row

The Attorney General is to sue the Sunday Telegraph in the continuing legal battle over a former senior secret service officer’s memoirs. The British Government ... Full story

This day in history: 1956 Egypt seizes Suez Canal

Egypt’s president, Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser, has announced the nationalisation of the Suez Canal Company to provide funding for the construction of the Aswan High ... Full story

This day in history: 1959 - Khrushchev and Nixon have war of words

Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and US Vice-President Richard Nixon have had a tense exchange of words about the merits of communism versus capitalism. This is ... Full story

This day in history: 1977 - Deng Xiaoping back in power

The disgraced deputy Prime Minister of China, Deng Xiaoping, is to return to Chinese Government. The Chinese Communist Party conference has restored him to the ... Full story

This day in history - 1979: Sandinista rebels take Nicaraguan capital

Fighters of the left-wing Sandinista National Liberation Front have overthrown the regime in the central American republic of Nicaragua and taken the capital, Managua. The ... Full story

This Day in History - 1995: Serbs force Muslims out of Srebrenica

Thousands of Muslim refugees are fleeing the captured "safe area" of Srebrenica forced out by the Bosnian Serbs.  United Nations officials say it is the ... Full story

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